Contributing to the Unofficial Fedora FAQ

I really like contributions to the FAQ! If you want to contribute, there's two ways. The first is the easy way: just send me some text! The second is even better: write the HTML yourself, and send it to me! (See lower on this page for some guidelines for HTML.) You can email me any contributions that you have.


Below are some guidelines that I use personally when writing the FAQ. Don't worry if you have a submission that doesn't fit all of them perfectly -- I can help you out with it if you email me! When in doubt, you can read the FAQ and see how current questions are written.

Purpose of the FAQ: To help all computer users use Fedora, by giving them the solutions for the most common problems in Fedora.

HTML Guidelines

If you want to contribute directly with HTML, that makes me really happy! Below are some guidelines that I use in the FAQ's HTML. Don't worry if you can't get all of them in your HTML -- email me and I can help. :-)

This FAQ is maintained by Max Kanat-Alexander. That's max [at] fedorafaq *dot* org or "mkanat" in the #fedora IRC channel.

You can help us keep this FAQ up to date! If you discover an issue we don't cover, find any errors in the answers already here or have a suggestion of some kind, please contact us and we'll get on it.
The author of would also like to thank Jolie Kanat for her various advices and assistance.
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