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In order to provide better support to the Fedora community, the ( Forums have merged with, the main forums for the Fedora community.

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As part of the move, the forum was sorted into the various categories that uses. Here is a list of what threads went to what forum, and a link to the forum for each:

Installation Help

How do I make a DVD ISO? (Answered)
Addon FC1 yum/apt repos (Answered)
Upgrades from RHL XXX to FC1
upgrade help
ReadHat - Fedora, will it work?
ISO problems
Installation Problem...[b]Please[/b]
need help on installation and partioning
Time for a change...
Can't install Fedora Core 1 on my Dimension 8100 (No chance)
Master boot record problem while INSTALL
New install
Recommended partition sizes
FC1 install on Dell Poweredge 2650 fails
I have the answer for a install-problem on FC1!
4 Primary Partitions
anaconda starts....then "install exited abnormally"

General Support

Core 1 RPM list
What changes are necessary for running 2.6.X kernels?
NTFS support (Answered)
Where will security errata and patches be available?
framebuffer causes Fedora to freeze
Redhat Linux 8.0 Problem
Problems with hardware and software...
Can't install package install fix...
Enabling NumLock?
Im really new
Questions I have asked, and their answers.
Boot problem winXP - Fedora
Issue with Fedora Core 1
A few newbie questions
Dual boot Fedora/XP
Simple Question: Fedora on Inspiron 82K
New to Forum/ Fedora Download site.
shutdown fail message
reiserfs smb probs
RESOLVED: System hangs at hostname set; USB was at fault [V]
How to set-up 2 desktops with different resolutions?
Linux Newbie problems
Kernel Version
Fedora Core 1 Hangs during boot
Win Xp and Linux for newbie
Deleted a partition; GRUB doesn't boot! (Answered)
The right question/problem
Client Devices
compiling the fedora kernel


3Com 590/905 (Answered: FAQ)
3Com 3c905TX (rev A) PCI NIC doesn't work (Answered: FAQ)
NVidia drivers
keyboard and mouse problems
Syncing a USB Palm device as a user (Answered)
Logitech MX500/MX700 - Getting ALL Buttons to Work
ALSA Module problem in FC1: Help!
PCTel Winmodem Won't Compile (Answered)
Zip Drive 100 & 250 Parallel Port Setup (Answered)
USB Webcams?
Wireless Support
Radeon 9600/9700/9800 and the KT400 Chipset
SiS 630 and wierd 3D
Linksys WPC11 v.4 wireless pcmcia card - help!
Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter
redhat fedora sound problem
CD-RW drive not recognized (Answered)
MX500/MX700 & Mozilla HOWTO (Answered)
can't change refresh rate
SB AWE64 in Fedora???
Radeon 7800: Resolution wont go higher then 1024x768
Turtle Beach
nForce drivers for Fedora?
Mouse freezes
How to restore monitor resolution?
Plug and Play
emu10k1 installation
seg fault trying to install Radeon 8500 ATi driver
HOWTO: Share a Linux scanner with Windows boxes (Answered)
Canon i450 for Fedora
Radeon 9600/9800 Tutorial | DOWN
cdrom won't play
Gigabyte GA7VM400MP
changed CD drive, now FC hangs loading Gnome desktop
Sound quits after about 10 mins *RESOLVED*
UsbKey on USB2.0 with FC1 Kernel 2.6 (Answered)
how would you set partitions (recommendations please)
Make monitor go to stanby in idle ANSWERED
Keyboard multimedia keys
Why doesn't my mouse/keyboard work anymore?
i810 Audio AC97 / AC'97 Audio Controller Fedora Intel Howto
USB Mouse dissappears?
Screen resolution
Cd won't mount
Invalid Unicode on HDD & Japanese characters on web page
CPU temperature monitoring
Fasttrack 376 driver for Fedora
problem driver hercules 3d prophet 4500
XVideo output in Fedora is uglier than earlier releases
FAQ: Enabling 'NumLock' upon Boot/Entering X
USB not recognized
Disk space
Need help with SiS900 Ethernet card
Alsa  (concurrently sound at same time)
Sound problem
Nvidia with or without DRI module?
Dell Latitude CPi, no sound?!?!
A frustrating ATi issue
system clock runs too fast?
Wireless Atheros ar5211 chipset not recognized by Fedora
WPC11 v4  and DWL-650 problems
/dev/dsp -> SB and Bttv problem.. :(
System Hangs During First Boot
Sierra Air Card Modem (wireless) and ACPI
USB Keychain is not mounting in Fedora.
Kernel 2174 - and - NVidia doesn't work ?  SOLVED
Install Nvidia Driver
Creative Audigy mp3+ = no sound
How do I use a USB printer port.
Can't print to /dev/usb/lp0
mounting ide-cdrom fails
modem usb or isdn card... not working
Installing a winmodem
installing gigabit LAN drivers on p4C800 deluxe system
CD-ROM mount problem in Fedora
I am unable to get my printer to print with fedora


MP3s (Answered: FAQ)
GPG (Answered: FAQ)
ALSA (Answered: FAQ)
where do rebuilt rpms go?
building rpms? (Answered)
Fedora Core 1 as a Guest OS in VMWare 4 (Answered)
GStreamer based media player (rhythmbox) play mp3 (Ans: FAQ)
Flash Support in Thirty Seconds - Really (Answered: FAQ)
Do RH9 RPMs work with FC1? (Answered)
Upgrading Mozilla
After Installing NVIDIA Drivers: Some fonts are HUGE (Ans)
Problem with pgAdmin3
buggy rpm
yum, mysql, bind, postfix, rescue mode, etc. Solutns. (Ans)
How to change the Main Menu icon in Fedora's gnome-panel...
GNOME-CD does not play?
Problem with bittorent
yum problems with fedora-devel
rhn-applet  solve
Menu editing in Gnome
Symbol font in OpenOffice 1.1 does not work
Label problem
flash ultimate fix  this one works nice
Antialiasing in Qt/KDE (Answered)
error while compiling kopete
Segmentation fault when trying to view WMV
Error Running IglooFTP-PRO
automated yum updates
the firewall setup
HOWTO: Install kopete on Fedora (Answered)
Howto: Replacing kazaa in fedora core 1
Ogle DVD player
gpm faills
X crashes
Help with Glade
Loading a program at startup (Answered)
Freetype -- bytecode hinting howto (Answered)
Auto Verbose Mode Boot after recompiling kernel
service that auto-refresh file manager?
adding wm to switchdesk
Problems with rhpl
rebuilding the distribution
NTFS [Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003] (Answered: FAQ)
Running Americas Army on Fedora 1 with ATi 9700 Pro
yum problems. Please help.
Matroska playback on Mplayer or Xine
Yum Bittorrent-gui
kmix popping up arbitrarily
wxPythonGTK.rpm ????
fedora and Realplayer
Fedora + Gnomemeeting + Quicknet PhoneJackPCI
About default gdm session
BT client possible solution
Help with multi-lang in gnome
MP3 Support for noatun
(Updated) Rythmbox mp3 playback speed too fast... (Answered)
HOWTO: Fix MySQL Startup failure during boot (Answered)
Where i get a working Wine Version for Fedora
LVM1 ------> LVM2 in 2.6 & 2.4
View windows partitions in Nautilus
Is apt or yum *more* supported in Fedora?
Kernel source compile problems
Ximian Desktop 2 support for Fedora?
True Type Fonts for Gimp in FC1
Can't send/accept remote displays
Pango weridness with FC1
FAQ Entry for  boot option allowcddma
Grub help needed!
Find doesn't work properly ???
Front ends
synaptics tap-to-click in 2.6
Tired of clicking on a URL only to have the Moz Profile Mgr
error reading information on service linuxconf: no such file
Solution for slow up2date speeds (Answered)
kernel panic on
Errors with yum.conf in Fedora Core based Lorma Linux
Yum Questions
How do I use yum w/ rpms downloaded to my Hard Drive? (Ans)
Gnome keyboard switcher applet - shortcuts (e.g. Alt+Shift)
bad fedora updates??? (Answered)
Mozilla won't start
Fedora and Fonts
mail from the command line
Missing Menu Items
Pan 0.14.2 not saving messages
default session
Can't rip CD:s
time problems
Maybe I should just buy a boombox...
best practices: keeping system patched
Yum fails repeatedly with seg fault (solution)
MySQL startup problem
FIX: lm_sensor init script problems?
yum and rpm unable to remove packages
FAQ: Config tools menu in 'fluxbox'
Problem starting X(init 5)
FAQ: Error [X] with redhat-config-packages
prelink ist not working
problem starting CUPS
Switch from Gnome to Kde
FAQ: Fedora in VMWare on Windows host
File transfer w/XP and Linux
how to install Gnome desktop from console?
displaying "details" during graphical boot process
SPEC: lm_sensors 2.8.4
Kernel panic
Yum nVidia Installation
Only get sound in totem
Perl Session handler
FAQ: Nvidia & Blank X startup screen
rpm help
Problems with Gaussian03 in Fedora
How do I view a VNC connection on runlevel 3
Mozilla hangs when browsing the internet sometimes.
authorisation failed
NTFS mount problem
ReiserFS vs JFS ???
RESOLVED: Flash prob.; Fixed by reading FAQ [V]
Problems with permissions
Add remove does  not find installed packages
Howto Build a driverdisk
Fedora Core Not Found Error
How-to-start-X-on-more>1 login screen?
Trouble when starting up xserver for the first time
RESOLVED: Perl Sessions 'Valid CGI::Session driver' Error
XF86Config is flipping
update dependency problems everywhere
Evoltion problem
Can Yum/RedCarpet save rpm locally for multi-box update?
Prompts on terminal tabs evanesce
Java virtual machine


Vaio: yenta_socket fails to load (Answered)
Install kernel problem on sharp (actina opal) notebook
Fedora and ACPI [Laptops] (Answered)
pcmcia-cs problem with compact flash card.
Sony Vaio PCG-F180 Won't See DVD @ Install (Answered)
Installation problem on laptop
sound for a thinkpad 390X
Nic card wierdness on Dell Laptop


rp-pppoe (Answered)
Joining Fedora to a Windows 2003 ADS
Able to connect but can't surf, ping or host.
Tulip not work under kernel 2.6.0
internet connection sharing - iptables
Samba Swat
SSHD problem- cant connect to this comp from other comp.....
Orinoco wireless PCMCIA 2.6 kernel
slow FTP
Problems with dsl
irc catch 22
RESOLVED: how to configure yum to get through proxy?
Geting on the Internet
HOW-TO: Set-up SMB for XP, painlessly
What could disable firewall script again? SOLVED THANX
Network Problem Fedora Core 1
What did you do with tcp_wrappers
Dell Inspiron 8100 FC1 Network Problems...........


ipop3d SSL certs (Answered)
JSP pages won't show correctly
Install qmail
vsftpd doesn't log
proftpd - help with ftp
ftp server
VNCserver - Which port to open?

General Discussion

Fixes for "Getting and Installing Software"
Poll: Switch distributions?
Fedora Art
Turn fedora-announce-list into an RSS feed?
k-lined from #fedora for no reason
Fedora available on
Fix for the NVidia problems in the main faq
Fedora User Survey
Followup Interview with Jeremy Hogan of Red Hat
Artwork for FC* CD's distrib'd by LUGs...
some wiki's for fedora (gnome 2.5, kernel 2.6, buid rpm etc)
Fedora T-Shirts?
Happy New Year !!!!!
Best RH9 Book relevant to Fedora?
Couldn't display "smb:///'
Question for every one
Link to a samba location
source code
Is Fedora right for me (or you... *newbie help*)

Fedora Core 2 Test Releases

Kernel 2.6 Issues and Resolutions (Answered)
Problem with cd-rom drives after moving to 2.6
Tracking rawhide
Guidelines to update Fedora+nforce2 system to 2.6.0 kernel?
Creating DVD - fedora development
installing the development branch?
No module sata_sil found for kernel 2.6.0-1.21, aborting.
development (former rawhide) and yum
Will up2date include 2.6.1 kernel?
Kernel 2.6 rpm Amd Athlon
Evolution 1.5.1 on Fedora
kernel 2.6.1 and which other packages to update
New Nvidia drivers support the 2.6 kernel
Problem booting kernel 2.6 w/ Reiserfs
FAQ: doing custom 2.6.1 kernel out of arjanv's kernel-source
2.6.1 rc.sysinit script
PCMCIA and 2.6
notebook with kernel 2.6.1 usb mouse didn't work.
Can't install Fedora Core 2 test 1
2.6 kernel in FC1 doesn't boot; blank screen ...
Fedora Core 1 => Fedora Core 2 test1